Winpak 2013 Plant Expansion

Winnipeg, MB

Winpak Flexible Packaging

Prime Consultant:
Cooper Rankin Architecture

Mechanical Sub-Consultant:
Alliance Engineering Service Inc. (AESI)

$9,000,000 Total
$1,800,000 Mech only

Design Development, Final Design and
Contract Administration


In 2014 Alliance Engineering Services Inc. was retained in a mechanical sub-consultant role by Cooper Rankin Architecture to provide mechanical engineering sub-consultant services for an 80,000-ft2 addition and renovation of additional existing spaces at Winpak's Flexible Packaging Plant in Winnipeg, MB. AESI had been active working in Winpak's facility since 2004 and this past successful project experience played a role in AESI being selected as the mechanical sub-consultant for this major plant expansion.

Mechanical engineering services for the following building and process services were provided,

  • Building and process HVAC and Make-up Air Systems,
  • Sprinkler fire suppression systems,
  • Plumbing Systems,
  • Compressed Air Systems,
  • High pressure atomizing humidification system including RO-water treatment.
  • Building Automation System,(BAS),
  • Specialty services related to flammable liquids storage and mixing and dispensing systems.


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