West-End Water Pollution Control Centre HVAC Replacement

Winnipeg, MB

City of Winnipeg

Prime Consultant: Alliance Engineering Services Inc.
Sub Consultant: KGS Group

Approximate Value:

Public Tender


In 2009 AESI was retained by the City of Winnipeg to undertake the Conceptual Design and Functional Design of the WEWPCC HVAC Replacement. The initial design phases focused on providing the City with an analysis of viable HVAC system replacement options. Upon completion of the initial design phases AESI was retained to complete the Detailed Design and Contract Administration phases of the project. Part of the requirement for this phase was ensuring that operational constraints of the facility were kept to a minimum. To achieve this task numerous coordination activities needed to be addressed during the detailed design phase. As a result of this extensive planning the project was completed on time, operational constraints were kept minimal and the project cost was substantially lower then estimates. This project demonstrated AESI's ability to manage large capital projects while maintaining a strict project schedules and construction budget.


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