The Madison - Heating & Ventilation System Replacements

Winnipeg, MB

Siloam Mission

Prime Consultant:
Alliance Engineering Services Inc.

Project Value:

Project Delivery Method:

Engineering Services Provided:
Feasibility Report
Design Development, Final Design
Contract Administration

Project Completion:

The Madison was constructed in the 1930s with a gross floor area of approximately 25,000ft2. The original heating system at the facility was a low-pressure steam system, with steam radiators located throughout the building. The ventilation system was rooftop makeup air unit with natural gas heating. The project involved the complete replacement of the steam heating and ventilation systems and related terminal units with a new high-efficiency hydronic heating and ventilation systems. The project also incorporated a new air-conditioning system and electrical service upgrade.

Features of the new hydronic heating and ventilation system included a new, high-efficiency, natural-gas fired, hot water boiler heating plant, and new hydronic pump and piping distribution system. The new ventilation system includes a new dual-core Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) complete with hydronic heating/cooling coil. The air-conditioning system includes a new air-cooled chiller, and utilizes the new piping distribution system as a 2-pipe heat/cool system.

The project complexity dictated a phased approach to accommodate residents.

The project demonstrated AESI capabilities to execute a large building services project for an always-occupied facility utilizing a phased approach.


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