Salisbury Morse Place School - Heating System Replacement

Winnipeg, MB

River East Trasncona School Division

Prime Consultant:
Alliance Engineering Services Inc.

Project Value:

Project Delivery Method:

Engineering Services Provided:
Design Development, Final Design
Contract Administration

Project Completion:

Salisbury Morse Place School was constructed in the early 1960's and has had multiple additions and renovations; the school has a gross floor area of approximately 100,000 ft2. The original heating and ventilation systems at the school were served by a nominal 200-Blr-hp low pressure steam plant with steam terminal units and steam heating coils interspersed throughout the school. The project involved the complete replacement of the steam plant and related terminal units with a new hydronic heating system. Heat load calculations and site observations confirmed that the boiler plant was originally undersized and was operating with no ventilation load.

Features of the new hydronic heating and ventilation system included a new, high-efficiency, natural-gas fired, hot water boiler heating plant with 8,370,000 Btu/hr capacity, new hydronic pump and piping distribution system with variable speed control based on system pressure, new terminal heating units, modifications to existing air handling equipment to accommodate new hydronic coils, provision for new high-efficiency-dual core-heat-recovery ventilator for one area requiring additional ventilation.

The project size and complexity dictated an ambitious project installation schedule that saw construction begin in May 2019 with a project substantial completion by January of 2020.

The project demonstrated AESI capabilities to execute a large building services project in a tight time frame.


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