Churchill High School Hybrid High Efficiency Boiler Plant and Geothermal System

Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg School Division (WSD)

Alliance Engineering Service Inc. (AESI)

Phase 1: $3,200,000, Phase 2: $2,100,000

Design Development, Final Design and
Contract Administration


In 2011 Alliance Engineering Services Inc. was retained by Winnipeg School Division for the replacement of a building steam heating system at Churchill High School. After the initial design development phase the school division requested that the design focus change to include a geothermal component to satisfy both heating and air conditioning requirements. A separate or supplemental feasibility study was executed. Based on the findings of this report the scope of the project shifted to include: a geothermal, closed-loop source heat pump system with auxiliary boiler, high efficiency HRVs, and a closed ground-loop-heat-exchanger. AESI readily incorporated this new scope of work into the mechanical design. The project was completed in phases over two summer construction seasons.

By utilizing a geothermal heating and cooling system, coupled with an auxiliary boiler, the client was able to reduce their annual energy costs and provide air conditioning for the school. Other tangible benefits from this unique hybrid design were: reduction in greenhouse gases, protection against future utility rate increases, providing a cooling system for the school (existing conditions were without cooling system), and promoting "Green" values of the client. This unique project exemplified how well AESI adapts to substantial changes to the scope of work mid project to accommodate the needs of their clients.


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