American Biaxis - BOPA 3 Manufacturing Line

Winnipeg, MB

American Biaxis Inc.

Prime Consultant:
Cooper Rankin Architecture

Project Value:
Estimated $4.5M

Project Delivery Method:

Engineering Services Provided:
Preliminary Engineering
Final Engineering
Contract Administration

Project Completion:
March, 2022

Alliance Engineering provided mechanical engineering services to American Biaxis for the design of mechanical support systems for the installation of a third Biaxially Oriented Polyamide (BOPA 3) manufacturing line. The project included the construction of a new 50,600 sq.ft. addition to house BOPA3, as well as a new packaging line. Mechanical systems designed for the project were:

  • A 75 HP, 125psig compressed air plant consisting of two central air compressors and related ancillaries.
  • Pneumatic conveying piping for material transfer between owner supplied equipment in the production line.
  • A central treated and reverse osmosis (RO) treated water system for manufacturing processes.
  • A central 460 ton chilled water plant producing 44°F chilled water. System also consisted of a high temperature loop (77°F) for equipment motor cooling.
  • Process exhaust systems, using standard galvanized steel ductwork and carbon steel piping for high temperature and pressure applications.
  • Dedicated high pressure steam and condensate system for owner supplied electric polymer removing system.


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