Manitoba Adopts 2020 National Model Codes: A Leap Towards a Safer and Greener Future

October 19, 2023

In a move aimed at improving safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency within the province, the Manitoba government has officially announced its decision to adopt the 2020 national model codes for building, plumbing, fire, and energy. These codes, as published by the National Research Council, will come into effect on January 1, 2024, following extensive consultations with various stakeholders. This decision is not just a step forward for Manitoba but also a significant stride toward a more competitive, environmentally friendly, and safer future.

Manitoba, known for its rich heritage and thriving industries, is now poised to keep pace with the latest advancements in building regulations. The adoption of the 2020 national model codes is an effort to bring the province up to date in various critical areas, including accessibility and energy efficiency. The move is a testament to the Manitoba government's commitment to removing trade barriers, reducing industry costs, and enhancing the province's economic competitiveness.

Under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, it is mandated that the Manitoba Building Code, Manitoba Plumbing Code, Manitoba Energy Code, and Manitoba Fire Code must be periodically updated to ensure alignment with the latest health and safety standards. This adoption of the 2020 national model codes is not just a proactive step; it's a mandatory one to stay in line with the nation's trade regulations and to enhance public safety.

The decision to implement the 2020 national model codes by January 1, 2024, was based on thorough public consultations. Industry professionals and stakeholders provided valuable feedback, indicating a preference for skipping the 2015 edition. Their reasoning was to minimize the administrative burden associated with implementing new code requirements. This decision showcases the government's responsiveness to the needs and concerns of its citizens and industries.

The adoption of the 2020 national model codes represents a significant leap toward a safer and greener future for Manitoba. These codes modernize requirements in various key areas, encompassing building, plumbing, fire, and energy standards. With an increased emphasis on energy efficiency and accessibility, the province is better equipped to create a sustainable and safe environment for its residents.

The Manitoba government's commitment to have these new codes in place by March 31, 2024, as per the Regulatory Reconciliation and Cooperation Table agreement under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, will be met by implementing the codes on January 1, 2024. This timely action demonstrates the government's dedication to upholding national standards and fostering a thriving business environment.

To learn more about the full list of changes to the model national codes, you can visit the following link:

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